Coaches development; club policy or the responsibility of a coach?

A short holiday break in your weekly activities as a football academy gives coaches a chance to rest or to develop themselves. To develop themselves a coach has several ways: by the activities of the federation, activities organized by the club or the coach can organize his own activities.

The federation needs to take care of the official Licensing of every football coach, the club is responsible for a specific club cultural development and the coach has the possibility to be responsible for his own development by deciding to visit clubs, favorite coaches or select specific courses related to his work as a coach.

I want to write about the part where the club is responsible and were the coach is responsible. The club has to have a plan how they want to further develop their coaches. With a clear plan you can strengthen the work of your coach by selecting clubs with a philosophy similar or not similar.

When a “top” academy has a similar plan as your club then they will get a confirmation that they are on the right path. If they however visit a “top” academy with a different philosophy, then they have the opportunity to compare their own job (to follow a philosophy) with this club: both opportunities give your coach a lot of information to think about.

An individual coach has the opportunity to decide his own plan and ideas about his development. To visit a congress, to visit a club, to visit a specific coach or to follow a specific master class or course are some of the opportunities.

As a coach you need to know “how you want to develop yourself “and then find the possibilities that fit your philosophy or the philosophy that your club believes in.

Either way; the development of a coach can never stop, responsibility is with the coach to raise this at all times with his club management or to take care of it himself!

Personally, I like to find an element at a club, a team or a coach that will strengthen my philosophy and add a new challenge to my existing plan or philosophy. It needs to be an addition because you have to believe in what you are doing!

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