Coaching the coaches

How to coach the coaches, is something that is important when working as an Academy Director or Sport Director. As club management your director has a role of following the philosophy and maintain the direction that has been set by the club, with the intention to strengthen it. The club can also give the Academy Director or Sport Director the opportunity to create a structure and philosophy that is connected with the culture of the club.

The director will then be responsible for coaching the coaches and instruct them and keep them thinking in the same direction as the club. This coaching of the coaches will be done off and on the field.

Before starting to coach the coaches, it needs to be clear within the club that the philosophy is approved and that nobody will interfere in this process that. When the final approval has been given by the owner or president of the club the journey starts. At some moments owners or presidents of clubs don’t understand how much difficulties and problems it can give to make the changes. Personnel complains, coaches complain and when this leads to too much discussions then the club was not ready for these changes. An owner needs to support fully and let the professionals work if he wants progress in the football part of his club.


Explaining the new philosophy to your personnel in the club or academy is the first thing that should happen. This together with the new organizational structure that will lead to progress in football development or growth on professional premier league level.

Everybody needs to understand his role within the club philosophy and support.

Football development

Leading in a football club is always the philosophy that will influence the teams play football and the coaches to train the teams to get to the desired level. The football development can be explained by the use of manuals, video, presentations and master classes on and off the field.

Influence and support 

To influence the coaches to use the philosophy correct you need to be on the field as an academy director, or as a sport director influence and regularly meet with your academy director. The coaching of the coaches will have the most effect if they are influenced daily in training or match situations. After that the best influence will happen in individual meetings with the coaches which gives them an opportunity to ask questions and for the academy director to explain and correct them personally.


Of course, this is a short description of the process that coaches will enter when they have to start working with a new philosophy. Not all coaches are used to being corrected and that will take time and needs an individual approach.  Every coach will get used to it and coaches hopefully will also start to correct and to assist each other.

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