If you would like to organize any special activities that are related to player, team or club development you can also use PL FOOTBALL.

PL FOOTBALL has experience in organizing high quality youth tournaments. The formula can be used for all age categories and be an addition in the player or team development within your club. If you how ever woud like to pay attention to your club coaches but also influence the coaches in your district, your home town or your country then PL FOOTBALL  can assist you in organizing a coaches congress. An extra item can also be to assist in giving your coaches the experience abroad in one of the top academies. They can then have the opportunity to see how coaches in these “Top” academies are working on and of the field. This will assist again the development of your coaches. In all three examples it will have a huge impact in youth football, professional football but also in the education of the coaches.

A club that pays attention to organizing activities that will assist the development of a player, a team and a coach will become known as a club that will take initiative in finding the next trend and not waiting for the next trend!!

YOUR CLUB will have a positive image in the world of football!