Football without football

What kind of impression it gives you; “Football without football?”

Well, as a football academy manager, I can tell you that when football is your profession it still keeps you busy during the days of Corona.

Where the hope at first was that maybe we would still finish the season, we can conclude that the season of youth football will be finished for 99,9% in all countries. We have in israel also leagues to finish but that should not be the priority!

The premier league in all countries is what we have to spend our discussion time on. Will the league still consist of we don’t finish the league. For a lot of clubs the Television income is on the line. They need this income to stay alive.

Clubs should think ahead and still make their policy for the coming season. Luckily we have clubs that are the corona crisis not as something that should stop their development but will influence their development and to go over everything with a good look at the details of the development of their main team or the club.

Reading news about football in these times is influenced by the crisis but everywhere we have clubs that approach it from the positive side. They think ahead and say; we are ready when we are allowed  to play football football again and not start to think when they are allowed and will lose valuable time.

As all is difficult in these uncertain period, let’s keep looking for the positive!

At the Maccabi Academy we are ready and our coaches have daily contact with their players. Challenges for younger players, physical plans for the older players, assignments for coaches and management planning for when it all starts again and how we can make up for the time lost in football development.

For football players, football coaches or football management we are looking forward to the moment the ball starts to roll again.

Be safe, stay at home and take care of the persons close to you!



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