NEW IN PL FOOTBALL application

Hi All,

New in PL Football will be the section within the training exercises; Tactical Training.

The exercises are prepared as a specific situation that you as a c coach can prepare for your team. It will improve the knowledge of your players about how you want them to play in all key moments.

As a coach you are responsible for sharing with your players the information about how they should attack, defend or switch. You give them the knowledge so that they can recognise the situation and take a decision.

I think it is a valuable addition to the app for you as a coach. We need to go more into the direction of preparing all at the right quality. The quality of the players is what makes the performance successful but it is usable for all age groups.

The exercises will also have examples for teams that play in a different format during games, like: 9:9 or 8:8. As a coach you should also be able to translate it to 8:8 or to 11:11 when the topic of your training is mentioned in one of the other formats.

good luck, enjoy and thank you for using the PL Football application!

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